Buying tickets

Tickets are now all sold out as of February 4th 2020. If you have no ticket, you can't gain entry.  Please don't turn up on the day without a ticket. 

Due to the Covid-19 virus and social distancing, at present,  we feel it's impossible to go ahead with our rally this year.

All tickets purchased for the 2020 event will remain valid when MESSY 6 goes ahead on 6-8th August  2021  but if you would like a refund that will be possible on production of said ticket(s). 

Please be aware if you return your ticket(s) we cannot guarantee any replacements if you decided you want some for the 2021 event, as all refunded tickets will be offered for sale again and are likely to get snapped up very quickly.  Remember, we sold out this year in less than 6 weeks!

To arrange a refund, contact the email address you used to pay for your tickets (if paying via PayPal) and you will receive instructions on how to obtain your refund. If you bought them directly from Bob, Alan, Colin, Gaz, Robbo or Nathan, please get in touch with them directly.