While great care has been taken to ensure your safety during this event, please be aware that neither FOS Tours, its members , officials, contractors, entertainers or helpers, or stewards, Lucarly's,  its owners, staff, officials, entertainers, helpers, stewards  or contractors accepts any responsibility for loss or damage to persons or property howsoever caused (including your vehicles) whilst at this event.

You attend the event and take part in any organised events entirely your own risk.  If you bring anyone under 16 years of age,  they must be supervised by a responsible parent at all times and kept safe.

The event organisers are not running a crèche and will not accept any responsibility or liability for anyone’s children for any reason.

The organisers wil not accept any responsibility for anyone's pets for any reason. This is not not a pet-friendly event and pets are not allowed. 

Take care negotiating tents, pitches, campervans, gazeebos and guy ropes at night , we wil not accept responsibility for any injuries or damage caused by people falling over guy ropes or tents.

Please ensure noise is kept to a minimum on the campsite and in any outdoor area after 10.30pm at night. 

By purchasing a ticket for this event you agree to be bound by these and any other rules which may be explained to you either verbally or in writing, now or at the time of the event by any member of FOS Tours, Lucarly's, their agents, officials, contractors,helpers or assistants.

This event is staged purely for your enjoyment, so please behave in a responsible manner to ensure future events can be held at this venue.

Ten simple rules. 

Help us to keep being able to run this event each year by making sure you follow our 10 simple rules......

1. Park as directed by marshals. There may be seperate areas for cars and campervans. 

2. No parking on the road outside Lucarly's, or in the entrance way.

3. Any BBQ's must be secure off-ground types. No disposable BBQ's allowed.

4. Any food or alcohol consumed inside Lucarly's building must be purchased at the indoor bar or restaurant.

5. Musical entertainment in the evenings will be on the indoor stage at Lucarly's, or in the DJ room. Please respect the local's and be quiet outside and on the camp site after 9.30pm. 

6. No dogs allowed. This is not a pet-friendly event.

7. This is NOT a child-friendly event. Anyone under 16 MUST be supervised at ALL TIMES by a responsible parent.

8. Ensure you wear your wristband at all times. No wristband means no entry.

9.. Please bag any rubbish and tidy your pitch before leaving the site.

10. Advise a marshal of any fuel spills. We have sand available to mop up any fuel spills on site.

Oh, and remember, have fun!


We would  like to thank the owners of Lucarly's for the work they have done and will do in helping us make this event a success.

We would like to thank Cleethorpes Council, and the Local Police for their input and support, and our sponsors for continuing to believe in us and helping support the rally.

We would like to thank all those who have sponsored trophies, and those ofthe FOS who give un-sparingly of their time both before and during the rally. 

And finally, you guys for buying tickets and turning up.