FOS Tours.

If you know the FOS you'll know we are all about having a good time. For us it's all about having fun and riding scooters.  We kind of accidentally ended up with one of the best field scooter rallies on the calendar. 

Several years ago we decided to hold our own little rally in a field close to where we live. In the begining it was attended by a handful of scooterists, and everyone had such a cracking time we decided to do it all a second time. Moortown #2 moved a few hundred yards up the road to the Skipworth Arms. The rest as they say, is history. 

By the time we got the 4th iteration, we were booking multiple  bands along with everything else a big field scooter rally entails. It just got bigger, and we all took a deep breath and realised we had to get better or give up. 

Normally we go along organising stuff we like, and we want to do - witness ten years of taking dozens of scooterists on forgeign trips for one.   All good fun, but hardly a job of work. While we don't like 'blowing our own trumpet' so to speak, FOStorians have also been deeply involved locally in raising money for charity, for St. Andrews Hospice, Grimsby Hospital and, each year,  taking part in Easter Egg runs for Children at the hospital along with Christmas 'toy runs' for children locally too. 

In 2018, Moortown was so over populated with scooterists on a very small site, we just had to find somewhere bigger and better which is why we ended up at Lucarly's in Cleethorpes. Far more room, more space for tents, space for campervans and cars and far better facilities with indoor stages -  and here we all are thinking like the organisers of the  bigger rallies! 

BUT... It's still all about having fun.  It may cost a fortune to stage. We may have to keep coming up with bigger and better stuff the entice folk to turn up, like 8 live acts for the 2020 rally, but at the end of the day the job's the same.

So long as everyone who turns up enjoys what we offer, spends their weekend with other like-minded people and goes home happy, then we consider it job done.

The FOS is not a club, so there isn't anything you can join. You can come along and join in though, so we all hope you'll do that and see where the fun takes you.