Welcome to Messy #6 Scooter Rally @

 Lucarly's, Cleethorpes.

July 31st to August 2nd  2020

at Lucarly's, Wilton Road, Cleethorpes, DN36 4AW


Messy 5 was,  by all accounts,  a resounding success. All but a tiny handful of the 500 lucky ticket holders turned up and what a weekend we had!  (to those we had to turn away because they had no tickets - make sure you buy one in time next year!)

The weather kind of played ball with us, the bands were outstanding, the venue was great, you guys made all the hard work worthwhile, and no-one, not even the locals,  had a bad word to say about the rally.   If you missed it then you really did miss out!


Tickets  are now all sold out! A record, even for us.


If you missed out, you will have to wait for Messy #7